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Like all mountains on the island, the red mountain has volcanic origins. The volcanic crater is hidden halfway to the top, and the top of the mountain was formed by the volcano’s fiery-red lava. Carmine brightly paints the mountain’s surfaces, and the bottom of water outfalls are painted purple. At sunrise, the mountain looks as if it were on fire, and, around midday, it appears to shine like a sparkling ruby; at sunset, you might think it is a huge red flower, that stretches all the way down to the ocean. The scenic area dazzles with its beauty and force of nature.

As night approaches, the ocean blackens to a dark blueish purple and appears illusively calm, as it occasionally becomes rough, like boiling water.

The scene stretches out to great distances, and the new moon is like a small boat floating down a starry river. The stars are everywhere, and, looking up at the translucent sky, it almost feels as if you can see the depths of the cosmos. The Milky Way and stellar constellations are so observable, that you may feel like you are in an observatory. The silence is broken only by the calming sound of the ocean. Here, time runs slowly: you can dive into another reality and begin to see life in a different way. All your worries disappear, and, when the wind is playing with your hair, you feel refreshed and your mind begins to clear – you are lost in the beauty of nature. It is an unforgettable feeling.

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